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They don't call it the beauty beat for nothing.Covering fashion -- particularly high fashion -- can be hazardous to your health, or at the very least, a blow to the self-esteem.

After attending a show at LG Fashion Week, one radio announcer suggested guys head to the after-parties because, with a little flattery, they would likely score with women who feel less-than-great about themselves after spending the day watching the epitome of beauty strut the catwalks.

You can find runway models walking down the ramp. Women here are dress to impress. Fashion publications from Flare to Fashion China sent representatives to this bi-annual event, anxious to not only cover the action but to be part of it as well.

Runway Models Beauty

Reporters, editors, public relations executives are all watching one another to see who is wearing what. Long legs are poured into tight leggings and super-short skirts and dresses. Many girls models wear this.

So you can find so many girls models also in different dresses and skirts. The only thing clicking louder than the hundreds of photographers’ shutters are the sky high heels. Competition to look fierce is, well, fierce. But higher heels don’t necessarily mean higher confidence.

I’m not always feeling 100% confident," says Nelly Tsyrlin, backstage after a show. The 23 year-old model admits the stakes are high in the beauty business.You feel a lot of pressure, particularly during fashion week. You have to look good.

Pointing to her body, Tsyrlin acknowledges this is my product. I have to look like a star. She says the pressure to perform is not limited to the runway. Find so many runway models in stage sizzling. Everyone is backstage, from booking agents to designers and corporate executives.

You have to dress to impress to land future assignments you have to have a look.The Russian beauty says she invests in herself by following a regimen that includes daily exercise (pilates), eating home-cooked food as much as possible and visiting the dermatologist on a regular basis.

For those who don’t making a living looking good, the pressure may not be as intense but it is still there.I think it depends on the woman and how she was brought up. It can really affect her self esteem," says Anita Lee, a 32-year-old consultant living in Toronto. She and a friend attended the unveiling of spring-summer 2010 collections to get ideas on how to spruce up their look.

I think it gives you an idea of what you can do for yourself. I know I don’t look like that, but I also know I don’t need to look like that."But if asked this question 10 years ago, Lee admits. I would have had a different response. Younger women tend to be harsher on themselves. At the age I am now, I am happy with my own weight although, one can always stand to lose five pounds.


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